House Joint Resolution 86 Supporters

Bellow you will see the names of the 50 senators who voted on House Joint Resolution 86 (Summary: It has not yet become law so you have a duty as an American for this and for future generations, to keep your internet access free and unmonitored. If monitored, they will be able to see…

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On Faith and Feeling

I awoke to the following post, and it genuinely sparked my curiosity, as I am one of those people that worships only because I prefer to receive reward rather than punishment in the event that there is, in fact, an afterlife. “If we worship God because we are afraid of punishment and Hell, then we…

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Xubuntu 17 To Debian 9 Update Results

If you followed my last, hastily written, explanatory post HERE, you probably thought that I was a little crazy, trying to update an existing Xubuntu 17.04 system to the new release of Debian, 9.0 named “Stretch”. Well, I followed the instructions that I posted there from start to finish, and the results are: [drum roll…

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Xubuntu to Debian

One of my daughters is running Xubuntu on her laptop. Since the latest release of Debian (9.0 “Stretch”) should, in theory, have packages and kernel which are updated and superior to her 17.04 install of Xubuntu, I’m going to try a direct update from Xubuntu to Debian using dist-upgrade. First, I will do a complete…

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OpenSource Privacy

I’ve blogged a bit about OpenSource, and Linux – I’ve even convinced numerous friends and family members to join me. CentOS and Debian are my distros of choice, but for many of them, moving over from the Windows world; simpler is better. So I’ve set them up mainly with Ubuntu (shudder) and Mint. My own…

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Memorial Day 2017

Winfield Kansas remembers. With a replica of the Washington DC monument, the Winfield, Kansas Vietnam War Memorial lists all Kansas residents lost in Vietnam.¬†Plans for the Vietnam War Memorial in Winfield began in 1987 when friends who had gathered for a class reunion wanted to find a way to honor their fallen classmates.¬† The project…

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Beautician In Training?

Gwendelynne decided that she was going to do Madelyne’s makeup, and Madelyne allowed it. What followed was a super cute photo opportunity, and a hilarious result. I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed watching the “beauty parlor” session.  

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