Memorial Day 2017

Winfield Kansas remembers. With a replica of the Washington DC monument, the Winfield, Kansas Vietnam War Memorial lists all Kansas residents lost in Vietnam. Plans for the Vietnam War Memorial in Winfield began in 1987 when friends who had gathered for a class reunion wanted to find a way to honor their fallen classmates.  The project…

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Beautician In Training?

Gwendelynne decided that she was going to do Madelyne’s makeup, and Madelyne allowed it. What followed was a super cute photo opportunity, and a hilarious result. I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed watching the “beauty parlor” session.  

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Fun in the rain

My two youngers bundled up (not sure why) to go get soaked, playing in a rain puddle in our driveway. General hilarity ensued, particularly due to the oversize purple coat selected by the youngest. 💜 All the while, my cat relaxed and observed them with little more than a passive curiosity… She appeared both comfortable,…

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Peaceful Evening

Went for a walk down to the lake while the weather was nice on Friday evening, just before sundown. Got a few decent photos. Need to take an actual camera with me next time. I’m very fortunate to have a lake so near home. It’s literally, right down the hill. The ducks are very happy to…

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