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Christian schools reopen in Israel after month-long strike Christian schools opened in Israel on September 28 after an almost month-long strike demanding equality in budgeting. School officials and the Ministry of Education reached an agreement just before the Jewish Sukkot holiday. “We see this as a wonderful ... Read more on Catholic Herald Online In Transferring … Continue reading Lastest Israel News


Lastest Israel News

Labor MK Biran warns of Corbyn's 'disastrous' anti-Israel stances at UK Labour ... Biran points out awkwardness of a sister party being led by someone who is “friends” with Hamas and Hezbollah, calling it a "weird situation." Labor MK Michal Biran at UK Labour Conferenc. (photo credit:Courtesy). Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Read more … Continue reading Lastest Israel News

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Parsha Ki Tavo: Always Learning “I don't care if you're a billion dollar company, in one moment you can go bankrupt.” “That's ridiculous. A poor strategy can be adjusted. A poor team replaced. Capital can be raised. It takes time to bankrupt a conglomerate.” “Think of Kodak. The ... Read more on Jspace News The … Continue reading Lastest Parsha News

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Abbas to give Israel ultimatum in UN speech Avi Issacharoff Avi Issacharoff, The Times of Israel's Middle East analyst, fills the same role for Walla, the leading portal in Israel. … [More] He is also a guest commentator on many different radio shows and current affairs programs on television ... Read more on The Times … Continue reading Lastest Israel News

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In this Digital Age, your Privacy is Continuously Invaded We will take a look at the lack of awareness internet users have about their digital privacy and the extent to which it is being used by governments and agencies to monitor individual behaviour. We will discuss how companies like Uber, Airbnb and ... Read more … Continue reading Lastest Online Privacy News

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FCC: Open source router software is still legal—under certain conditions Software like DD-WRT can change the transmit power of a router, but it can also perform other functions that don't affect the router's compliance with radio frequency rules. Many customers install free, open source firmware on routers to get a better ... Read more on … Continue reading Lastest Open Source Software News

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Ron Reagan: 'Judaism, Islam, Christianity, They Hate Women, They Hate Genitals' Appearing as a guest on Friday's Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, during a discussion of the Catholic Church's refusal to allow women to become priests, liberal commentator Ron Reagan obnoxiously charged that "all of those monotheisms," specifying ... Read more on NewsBusters (blog) … Continue reading Lastest Judaism News